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K09128-0003 Brush (Package of 4)

Price: $84.92
Item Number: K09128-0003

Brush for various Von Weise and Dayton Gear Motors.

        V00212BK33         V00323AJ84         V05593AE83         V06957AB33         V07968AA80
        V00323AB84         V00323AK84         V05648AA84         V06988AB33         V07968AB80
        V00323AC84         V00212AM80         V06237AA33         V07059AC07         V07652AA62
        V00323AE84         V03898AA80         V06600AC62         V07086AB76         V03758AC83
        V00323AG84         V01853BF83         V06957AA80         V07759AA07         V08109AA134
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